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This will be a short post. I have some icons as promised. Some I have used, but the others are ones I have just finished making. Enjoy.

*=Brand New

*i. *ii. *iii.

iv. v. vi.

All pictures were not mine, sadly, but all credit for them is recognized. The icons are mine though, so credit when used, please! Enjoy them!
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ARG @__@! Why must you be so talented!! I'm stealing them ALL -cackles- >>!!
Taking the first and fifth ones! So pretty!
wonderful icons! taking the gackt and 5.
Taking #1
wow these are amazing
taking alland will of course credit when use
hi, i took i and iv. thanks! im searching high and low for the last quarter pic to be made into icon! thanks thanks!
I took ... all >.>; will credit, I swear!