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Neeeeew Laaaayout!

HELLO! I will make this a small update, but wasn't that a short hiatus?!?! Lol. Well, I have come back with a brand new layout! Yes, yes. It features the loveliness of Hyde. Well, a manga style Hyde =O!! But if you can see in the entry box there is another picture of our beloved Laruku singer there too!

It took me a while to fiddle around with everything but I finally got it! This layout is the first step in restoring Gakuhai Icons. Hopefully, I will be able to get this community up and going...perhaps someone would like to help me accomplish this!? I would like to at least have some help, but if not, that's still okay!

I'll be sure to post some new icons soon. So everyone check out the new layout and get back to me with your thoughts! I noticed we have some new members! How wonderful. I'm glad to see that slowly, but surely, this community is getting new members. Go tell all your friends about Gakuhai Icons! Let's make this a wonderful place where people can get the hotness of Gackt and Hyde!! =D!

Much love. <3
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